Urgent Email Virus Alert!



We have been alerted to a new email malware attack doing the rounds - four UBT customers have reported this issue today and it has been confirmed.

These emails will appear to come from people you know, so they are singularly disarming yet dangerous.
Please be extremely vigilant not to open any attachments. If it is from someone you know please check with the sender to make sure it is legitimate.

The attachment so far has been seen in a variety of versions and looks to mutate itself and may have other names. These are some of the attachment names we have seen so far:

  • - invoice02178412.scr 1316
  • - qdxoh.exe 1588
  • - EXE1.exe 1852
  • - UoCbxgXQPxTpWoH.exe 540


Please do not open anything that has an attachment unless you are 100% certain it is clean. This may mean checking with the sender.

This is a particularly nasty virus.  The Anti-virus manufacturers are onto this and they will be releasing fixes any time soon.  We just have to be extremely careful in the meantime.

The Malware will get hold of the credentials on your PC and send to all of your saved email addresses in your address books.

Please contact the UBT Helpdesk if you have any further questions. Phone 0800 UBT 123 or email [email protected]

Kind regards,

John Mason

IT&T | Regional Business Manager

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Head Office; 5 Noel Rodgers Place, Palmerston North, New Zealand