The key to success in your business is to sell ideas, not just products.


Selling ideas requires creative thinking which is essential to improving sales productivity and solving sales challenges.


How can your sales team use creative thinking techniques to find innovative new ways to initiate relationships, discover hidden needs, and sell complete solutions to your customers?


Here are some suggestions:


  • • Focus on benefits not features


Will your new product save customers time, improve their social standing or solve their problems better than their existing solutions? Prospective buyers don’t care how your gizmo works, how many switches it has or whatever, until they buy the benefits.


  • • Work on communication skills


Focus on crafting messages that energise and influence people. Make everyone on the sales team an ‘idea evangelist’!


  • • Speak the language of the customer


Find out as much as you can about how your customers think. Do they think analytically? Then provide statistics to convince them. Are they emotionally- driven? Come up with anecdotes that convey your message. If they are ‘big picture’ oriented, don’t bore them with trivial details.


  • • Help customers visualise your idea


People don’t like to admit that they don’t understand you or that you’ve confused them by what you’ve told them. But people don’t buy what they don’t understand. So show them! The more they feel, taste, touch and above all see your product represented, the greater your chance of making a sale.


Salespersons must learn how to access their imaginative powers and develop creative thinking to see their sales challenges from a different perspective. They must generate ideas and put them into action.


Source: Creativity in complex selling, Gregg Farley; Selling your innovative ideas, Innovation resource.


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