Why climb a mountain?

The business world today is an extreme environment, and to make a climb without a true understanding of what you’re embarking on is perilous. Taking your business from good to great is a challenge comparable with mounting an expedition to reach the summit of K2.

This series is about preparing you for, guiding you and supporting you on an exciting expedition: toward a summit of growth you scarcely believed was possible.

New this year

2015 shows the most exciting changes to Online Coaching since its origination!

The theme this year is 'Reach Your Peak!' and this is split into themed stages consisting of weekly, 10 - 15 minute episodes.

Enjoy advice from real life case studies and a great range of presenters as you climb to your peak in 2015!

Watch for even more changes. We are committed to making access to these videos easier than ever!>

Watch the introduction to this new series in the video below:

Stage 1: Are You Ready to Climb?

Episode 1: Setting your sights on your peak
View from 0600 hrs on Wednesday 25 February 2015