Mountains Do Move! Managing change in your business

29 May 2015 1:33:24 PM NZST


Managing change in a business can sometimes feel like moving a mountain.


People resist change. They love familiarity and patterns; they cling to them.This can only be attributed to human nature. But that doesn’t mean we have to be controlled by it.


When all the hype about change is taken out, change can be both exciting and rewarding, particularly when positive results are seen.


For that to occur, people have to understand in their hearts and minds why change is necessary and where it is taking them.


When leaders implement changes with passion and reward, most people will buy in. Eventually, all the noise about change will stop.


Then change will become ‘business as usual’ – the ‘norm’.


And when it does, mountains do move!


Source: Winning, Jack Welch.

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Erica Field